• The Silver Tsunami

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    The Acuity Private Fund is for qualifying investors only.

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  • up to 690,000 SME enterprises
    have to be transferred to new owners every year

    The European Commission

    The Acuity Private Fund is for qualifying investors only.

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    The Acuity Private Fund is for qualifying investors only.

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Acuity Wins Awards

Acuity win EU PE Firm of the Year 2019 and Most Innovative Alternative SME PE Fund 2019 in the Wealth & Finance Alternative Investment Awards.

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Welcome to Acuity.

The Acuity Private Fund has innovated Private Equity to a new level and elegantly engineered a rare type of Alternative Fund to singularly house the biggest wealth transfer in the history of man.  

The wealth transferring to the Acuity Private Fund will be from mature and profitable SME’s (Small to Medium Enterprises) operating across all EU territories that are owned by the 'baby-boomer' generation.

The European Commission has highlighted that 690,000 individual mature SME businesses need to be transferred to a new owner every year for the ten years between 2015 and 2025, with an estimated value of €27Trillion,

The 'baby-boomer' owners of these mature SMEs are confronted with a need to transfer ownership and retire from active involvement in the business due to age or ill health.

The Acuity Private Fund is aiming to lead this mega-trend and is focused on acquiring the high quality situations from this demographic. These mature SME businesses have established a strong market position, are already profitable and hold recession-proof revenues that deliver long-term returns to our Investors.

Capital preservation is paramount and diversification by sector and geography is the cornerstone of the Acuity Private Fund's risk-controlled performance.

What We Do

The Three

Pillars of


  1. The sophisticated discipline of traditional Private Equity in a regulated environment
  2. High Yield Returns to Investors
  3. An alignment of values to Ethics and Social Impact