Historically the frameworks used in independent buyout acquisitions, have been an MBO, MBI and BIMBO.

This collection of buyout frameworks gradually grew from a total annual value in the UK of 3 billions in 1982, to of 47 billions in 2007.

They were also developing in 15 EU countries.

In 2008 these types of buyout framework collapsed. They reduced in numbers by 90% as the supporting infrastructure of SME bank debt ended and private equity moved to making investments over 60m.

A series of new acquisition frameworks were needed to reignite this level of buyouts in the new economic climate to support the transfer of this wealth and involve existing staff and managers in equity.

Everyone is inspired to contribute ideas
with a collective voice

The new range of iBOs were developed tested, refined and completed. Legally sound and financially astute:

Employee Co Ownership

Management & Employee Involved Buy Out

Management Involved Buy Out

The Acuity acquisition frameworks are based on a co-ownership and co-prosperity with managers and employees within a culture of long-term controlled growth in a low risk environment.

…with all of us becoming the guardians
and protecting the profit for the future decades ahead