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The Acuity Fund Drives SME Acquisitions With Employee Ownership


With the number of employee owned businesses growing at an annual rate of over 10% and contributing £30BillionGDP annually to the UK economy, it is hardly surprising that more and more businesses are turning to increased levels of employee involved equity as their business model.

In his keynote address at this year’s Family Office Investment Summit in London, attended by over 200 Family Office representatives from around the world, The Acuity Fund’s CIO highlighted the growing trend towards a more ethical investment approach that aims to generate high yield financial returns while supporting positive social impact and increased employee ownership.

Delegates were informed that the investment strategy of The Acuity Fund is perfectly aligned with this approach. It was argued that by investing in the future of healthy, profitable SME businesses operating in diverse industry sectors across Europe, investors could expect higher than average levels of return as they benefit from long term dividends from future growth prosperity.

The Acuity Fund’s revolutionary Intelligent Buy Out frameworks (iBOs) are all based on sharing a major minority ownership of the business with managers and employees. The concept of employee ownership rocketed into the public eye when The Rt Hon Norman Lamb, the previous Minister of State for Employment, stated this should be the Decade of Employee Ownership after reading the major advantages it brings to SMEs in the Nuttall Review – Sharing Success.

Studies have shown that companies with employee ownership deliver 174% more earnings per share than those that don’t have employee ownership. Acuity Fund is believed to be the only PE house who buys with employee ownership.

The social benefits of such an investment strategy are clear: the managers and employees get equity in the business, the company maintains its independence and location, the workforce keeps their jobs with no deliberate redundancies, while the deeper values of company legacy and local community impact are protected. Investors in the Acuity Fund get the feel-good factor and higher than average long-term returns.

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