The foundation of all the Acuity Private Fund acquisitions begin with strong management and engaged employees who wish to be included in the buyout acquisition, own equity and lead the direction of acquired business forward under their ownership.

Engaging with the senior managers and employees and protecting the legacy of each acquired company reduces risk and improves long-term results.

Advantages to the Acuity Private Fund are:

  • Managers and Employees are highly motivated in a culture of co-prosperity
  • The Employee Ownership Index has outperformed the FTSE All Share by an average of 10% annually since 1992
  • This strategy ensures the Acuity Private Fund can leverage more acquisitions as day-to-day management is executed by the Managers and Employees in the business with high level board governance from the Acuity Private Fund
  • Positive message to all stakeholders that redefines perception of Private Equity
  • Employee owned companies are more resilient in tough economic times

*Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance

This change is taking enterprise architecture to
a new level of smart consolidation